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How can I see Davis generated performance baseline?


DT uses Davis generated baseline in anomaly detection.

I would like to see baseline trend that Davis is expecting for next 24 hours for a given metric like throughput/response time/failure rate etc.

This should not be a hidden value and I should be able to foresee what to expect for my application and view deviations from expectations. This will also bring accountability to Davis as right now it is sole arbiterer of anomalies and many times it doesn't make sense when I see the raw data. 






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don't think this is possible at this point in time to see what the baseline value is for Davis at any given time for any given monitored entity in which Davis is enabled on. I was looking in the API but didn't see anything that would include that data unless its in a segment that alluded me. But that would be a great RFE. 



This has been asked for so many times. It's also a constant repeated question for our users..

It would be so useful and save so many questions being able to see the Base-line envelope against a metric for aa service or key request.


I would like to point out that aa Base-line was able to be charted back in the AppMon days

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