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How do I setup custom alert to be triggered for any full GC on JVM within any time period.


Desired alert #1 : I tried to configure the custom alerts more on JVM area, on doing that I don't see any option to trigger the alert incase if there is any Full GC on any JVM .

Desired Alert #2 : Also we want to define the alert where GC suspension pause time is greater than 100ms threshold. However under the alerting rules for GC suspension pause time there is no option to specify the actual threshold time (100ms), rather it allows only to specify the threshold %. Could we get the details of what threshold % means really here for GC suspension pause time

Alert type:Raise an alert if GC suspension pause time is detected to be above the threshold value of %

However for GC collection time the alerting rule is pretty much straight forward like below, wondering how could we get this similar alert through the threshold value (ms) instead of % for GC suspension pause time

Alert type : Raise an alert if GC collection time is detected about the threshold value of ## ms


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thats where Dynatrace's AI - Davis - Comes in Davis will review the garbage collection running and determine if it is deviating from the norm, and if so it will alert you. It will also alert you if that garbage collection is causing slowdowns on the processes, services and application layer.



I know Davis can detect long garbage collection time and it raises a problem. I don't know how can I send a notification email about this problem to a specific group of people.

Hello @istvan_safranek ,

You need to create alerting profile and filter on the source and event type. Long garbage-collection time is one of the events.
Then you create a notification for your desired target and choose the alerting profile you just created.

Best regards

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

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