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How to have multiple alerting profiles with only 1 MZ and only 1 tag per entity


Hello, we have a constraint to apply only single tag (applied via auto-tagging rule) to entities (hosts, apps, browser monitors, http monitors etc.).

However, we have separate GNOC team from APP team for each application. and below is the situation:

  • GNOC team should not be alerted (email) for any other alerts than Synthetic Monitoring.
  • App team can be alerted (email) for both - Synthetic and agent-based/Full stack alert.
  • Only 1 management zone for an application
  • Only 1 tag applicable for each entity

How do I achieve such config using Alerting profile and Problem notification. How can I use event filters?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So If I follow everything correctly, we have two teams that need to be alerted on two different scopes of Dynatrace.

Team1 - GNOC - ONLY Synthetics.

Option A) Pass an Automatic Tag to tag ALL and only Synthetic Monitors (HTTP and Browser), then apply that as a filter on your rules for the Alert Profile.

Option B) Create a Management Zone that contains ALL and only Synthetic Monitors (HTTP and Browser), then go to the alert profile and set it to look at the created Management Zone

Option C) Don't create a tag or Management Zone, rather create an alert profile and apply filters to only allow HTTP and Browser Monitor Data:

Team 2 - App Team - Alert on everything

Option A) Create an alert profile with all the rules as desired, but set the Management zone to All and do not set any event filters. This will allow alerts on all of the environment.

Option B) Create an alert profile and set alerts to a specific Management Zone per the desired application

Option C) Create an alert profile and set rules with the desired tag of the application.


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