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Problem Number Duplication due to only 3 digits being used


In on of our customers, a rather large environment, we encounter duplicate Problem Numbers every now and then. Of course, that is due to the fact that only the last 3 digits of the actual Problem Number are used in the UI. The actual Problem number that you can get via API is like 30 digits or more.

Now, I understand that in latest versions, the problem number in UI has or will change to something like

P-yymm+3 digit (last 3)

We had a look and with that i would still encounter duplicate from time to time, within one day.

Question: Has anybody found a good way to fix or work around that, as the customer wants to use the Problem Number in the UI as a reference? Also, i have not seen any RFE yet for this, if I missed one, maybe somebody can point me to it 🙂


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Sigmund,

No with new schema there are no more duplicates, no matter how big your environment is. Those last digits are NOT last 3 digits BUT an increment number that simply counts up and goes beyond 3 digits in case you get more than 999 problems a day.

Lets say you got 1345 problems in one month you would get following numbers: P-20121345, P-20121346, 20121347, ....

No duplicates anymore.



Cool stuff. I guess I overlooked that part that it can go beyond 3 digits. Thanks for clarifying.

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