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How to mute or ignore database traces


Hello friends! How are you doing? I'd like to know how to create a rule to mute database-related traces. My Dynatrace keeps alarming frequently about some traces that are not crucial for monitoring. Is there a way to silence this or create rules for the alarming traces? I know it's possible for requests, but regarding traces, I haven't found anything related.






Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @gustavodutra 

You can simply change this in failure detection in which you can specify this for the particular entity. If you adjust the sensitivity of alerting for that instance, it will not alert you in that case. 

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Hello, friend. In this case, the option would be to disable fault detection? That wouldn't be interesting for me, I just need to disable some specific ones. Just like I can do with muted requests. Is there a way to do that?


Hi, Gustavodutra

You can allways mark the statement as Key Request, and after that you can set a diferent umbral



or you can mute them inside settings - muted requests. and add the item in base of the name of the request. 





Did you already test this before ?


Hope it helps

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I would like to do it this way, however, this method only works for services, it doesn't work for databases.

i just take those screenshots in databases, but i will do a test in my enviroment setting them. 

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Confirmed, i can do it on a DB






fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

Somehow I can't find the "key requests" option in statements. Is this set in the settings screen?


You can follow same approach than services. After you filter for a dababase statement:


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Another easiest way to filter is simply clicking at the filter icon at the requests/statements lists

image (23).png

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Somehow I managed to do it the way you described in the screenshot, I had to select the filters and silence the request, let's see if it will work.

muted requests2.pngmuted requests.png


Just to position them. This worked, thanks.

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