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How to set the sender email address for email notification?


Is the sender email address still fixed or can it be changed? In the cluster console -> 'Home>Settings>Emails>SMTP server' as well in 'Home>Settings>Emails>Email notifications' the Sender email address is set to 'no-reply-<HOST>@<CUSTOMERDOMAIN>' but we also receive email notifications with sender address ''.

Is the sender address depending on the Alerting Profile? When is '' used as sender email address and when will the manual set email address in de cluster console 'no-reply-<HOST>@<CUSTOMERDOMAIN>' be used as sender?

We'd like to use only the the manual set email address as sender and not ''.

Thanks for the help.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


You cannot change the sender email address right now. I will check if we can change it automatically to the custom sender address.



Hi @Wolfgang B.,

We are seeing something similar in a Managed Environment a customer is using. Only when using the Default Alerting Profile -

We have found that when a custom email (not associated with a Dynatrace Cluster User - Group Email Account) is used the alerts always come from a external email, However, when we use an email associated with a cluster user the emails come from our defined outbound/from email address noreply@<clustername>. When both custom email and indivdual users emails are included in the notification settings, the users receive duplicate emails, one from and


An old thread, but still; something that is desired by various customers. Should this be made into a Product Idea?

Mail notifications received from SaaS platform instances are still sent with the From address

It would be very helpful if this address be changed, e.g. customers can request the address to be changed to an address that contains information that makes clear what company and instance the message comes from.

At least if the @domain part would represent the SaaS instance URL (Vanity URL if set would be ideal), that would be a great help. e.g.,

Working with service providers that support multiple customers with multiple tenants. Receiving email just from makes it harder for them to determine which customer it comes from and where to route to.

Of course, data can be placed in the subject/body, and other To addresses can be used, but that is not what the question is about.

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner


Thank you Wolfgang.


I'm also interested in when '' is used as we have built alerting based on eMail alerts produced from Dynatrace being sent from '' - ideally we would be able to change it so that all eMails came from the same sender.




Just to inform, this feature is already available in CMC Configurations.

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