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How work mechanism of closing the problem for Synthetic test


Please help with the answer to the question on the mechanisms and logic of closing the Problem for events related to unavailability of synthetic tests.

I looked at the documentation and didn't find a description of our question.

There are a number of synthetic tests set up.

as parameter Outage handling - the following parameter is set

Next, we receive events about the test unavailability. And the problem opens

In the following figure, we see two test fail events

Between the tests, we see two successful tests. Time between unsuccessful tests 15 minutes

Dynatrace does not close the problem at 03:17 - after the first successful test, but for some reason closed it at 03:32

we do not understand the mechanism of closing the problem.

Plus we have a task to send an escalating notification if the problem has been open for a long time, but with such an incorrect lifetime of the problem, we will receive erroneous escalations


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It might be that Dynatrace is hanging onto the problem to ensure the issue doesn't arise again, other wise you might get an alert for a failure, then closure, then failure, then closure. we see this with purepath failures as well, where Dynatrace AI will keep a problem open for 10-15mins after the last failure is detected.


thanks for the response!

I also assume that the problem lives for a certain time and closes when the condition is met.

I would like to understand exactly how this happens, otherwise I cannot set up escalation alerts.

@MAkimov has this gotten any better with the latest cluster and synthetic AG updates or are you still seeing the delayed closure? 


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