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Is there a way for Dynatrace to create an alert (show a problem) when for example a user logs into an application


Is there a way for Dynatrace to create an alert (show a problem) when for example a user logs into an application



I dont think so unless you try to use a custom metric or set a conversion goal for the users but even that wont generate an alert.


Hi Oscar,

What is the use case here? Can't imagine a real scenario where logging in is an alert/problem. Not even an event. Can you imagine what would happen when you have sites that have thousands of logins per minute? Can you please clarify?


You have control over the backend? I ask since if you rely on the JS if the user blocks the probe you will never be able to see it.

I would think that this is an special/specific use case? anyway... if you do have access to the backend, then you could create a key request for the login request and create a custom alert...

If not.. you can try to mark the action of login in the app as key action.. and setup an anomaly for that... but i don't really know if will work, something like this:

or also create a custom alert for the key user action... something like:

and alert when is higher than 0 in 1 minute in a 3 minutes window... If you have access to any logs... you might be able to alert it there also.

That's the only things that come to mind.




thanks by reponse

they want to generate an alert, for when a specific user logs into the application, or performs a specific action.

I would like to know if this is possible.

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That is even more tricky! When the user login, there is any action that has his user ID number? or something specific about it?

If they want to alert when the user executes a Delete (for example) you could apply something about what i said before.

Strange use case really, but you could try it...

Hi Dante

Yes, I have a requestt attribute,, in users tag and I can see the session, but I can't find a way to create an alerted or a specific event based on whether the user navigation is equal to the user tag "xdddL" for example.

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I think that you should be able to create Calculated service metrics using the request attribute with the user data:

Since you said that you have request attributes, you should be able to create that metric.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion
Sure, you can configure an alert on any metric in Dynatrace, either conversion metric, login count on backend service, or user action count for a subscribed key user action.

Hi Wolfgang

thanks for response.

how can I do it?

Marking a key request is based on an action, not on the action being performed by a specific user.

IF I try to create a Multidimensional analysis in a service I can't do it, because the requestt attribute where the user's uid is stored is not numeric.

Can you help me?



Hi to all

Thanks for response

Hi to all

Thanks for response. In case it's any help

Finally, you can do it by creating a calculated metric, using the UID value of the user as a reference (in a request attribute) and a custom alerting event.

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