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Dynatrace integration with Efecte


Does anyone have experience with sending Dynatrace alerts to Efecte? Would a webhook maybe work?

edit: in hindsight, I realize that Efecte's ticketing tool isn't probably that widely used, especially worldwide... but never hurts to ask I suppose 🙂


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

While I don't have experience with that Application, I can share with you that for our ticketing software, it would accept Emails as tickets so we had Dynatrace set to send problem emails to the platform and then the platform would parse the data into a support ticket. We took that a step further and used the custom webhook integration as well as it gave us more freedom and flexibility with the alerts and how they are handled.


Yep, good point. Even without any out-of-the-box integration support (like there is e.g. for ServiceNow), the email and webhook options together provide good means for custom integration. I'll accept this as an answer, since it's maybe not very likely to get responses for Efecte ITSM specifically 🙂

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