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Is there any API to check duplicate events in Dynatrace?


We have integrated Dynatrace events API with our ELK stack and created our own dashboard. We found Dynatrace is satisfying our requirement and may go for the paid version of Dynatrace soon.


In this regard, we have some queries.


1. We are using the below API of Dynatrace:


But is the above API taking care of duplication of events?


Our main motto is our dashboard should show the correct data with no duplication of datas. As we are depending upon events API output, we need an answer from our beloved Dynatrace team, whether that data provided by events API of Dynatrace has no duplication of events and it's all unique events.


Request to give your view on this regard.


You can reach me on:






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

each event will be unique in the context of its own problem card, but is the problem unique where it is not related to other issues that have arose as a problem? sometimes not, Dynatrace will merge things into a problem as they are correlated.... 


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