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Metric event creation for GC time spent



How can I create the metric event for Garbage collection time spent with below scenario? 

1. 45 process groups out of 75, requires an alert when GC time spent touches 10000 MS in the last 15 mints interval.

Tried to create a metric event and choose the condition as process groups but only one process groups were able to select at a time.

And, also we have 14 non-prod management zones and we don't want to include all the 14. Just need only a specific  Management Zone in the condition.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

 I think you could get a MZ set with all the PGs you are interested in. but the alert criteria isn't going to be overall all X Pgs, rather each individual PG. but that would be worth a shot. If it dosnt work out then you'll need to put in a RFE for the general view of all PGs. 


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