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Multiple Management Zones using one Alert Profile


Looking for a way to configure multiple MZs to use a single Alert Profile. 

Any ideas / knowledge out there?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Dear @mburr52 


By default ! alerting profile connected to ! single MZ.


What I can suggest you is to create your proper and custom MZ that group all entities that you want to be and use this one in the Alerting Profile.

Or you should create different Alerting Profiles.


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Thanks, MZs have to be separated but each one will connect to Opsgenie (and then to the same Slack channel). seems over the top to create 3 separate APs to point to the 3 separate Alert Notification Integrations that ultimately end up at the same target.


MZs can be separated into 3, but you can create a 4th one that combine the others for only purposer to use it in the AP.


This is what we are doing for a lot of things, not only AP.

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Sounds perfect, do you have any sample code for me to try? Can't see it in the documentation....


Just copy the same other rules inside this 4th MZ.


To make it quickly, you can use the MZ to extract the 3 and push the result to the 4th one.


Good luck.

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