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Multiple email alerts



We have set up custom  alert  when a particular metric goes below the defined threshold to generate an email alert 

For e.g. If Apdex score below 0.85 trigger an email  alert

The problem statement here is we get email alerts at every value when the apdex drops below 0.85

Is there a mechanism/option   where we just get 1 email when the threshold  is breached at @0.85 instead  of getting multiple email alerts 






Can you post your configuration here?

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Have attached Screen shot hope this helps

Exactly like @kobecharles said. Also you can adjust alert delay in Problem alerting profiles. So you can basically use "advanced model properties" in "Metric events"  and "Problem alerting profiles" to specify when alerts should raise and send email 


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"The lions does not ally with the coyotes"

This is the best solution for your issue @priyanka1991 @henal  

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

A work around would be adjusting these sliding windows here which will decrease the amount of email notifications recieved, depending on the settings you choose. So default would be an email about every 5 minutes, but this can be adjusted. Out of the box functionality of Dynatrace sends notifications until the problem has closed. Please also include your alerting profile and problem notifcation settings so we can take a closer look at your configurations for clarity.




Here is some attached screen shot to alerting profile and problem notification settings for this mentioned issue:



Attached screenshot for the same

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