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What are the available placeholders for event description while defining custom alerting?

Would like to know what are the available placeholder/variables that can be used while defining a custom alert?

attaching a screenshot of what i mean


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dear Srinivas,

So far there are four of those, see my screenshot. {alert_condition} is either set to 'BELOW' or 'ABOVE' depending on what you selected in the configuration, if the alert should trigger if the value is above or below the threshold. {metricname} is the display name of your selected metric. {severity} is the value that breached the threshold and {threshold} is your defined threshold.

Hope that helped.

Best greetings,


Thanks Wolfgang for your response, was wondering if it is possible to add diskname when a disk breaches my custom threshold, but looks like there are no applicable placeholders.

Would also like to know if possible to add any other placeholders, specifically {diskname} for instance, as mentioned by other user.

I know there are more coming, but not sure on what they will all be exactly. I have an open RFE to add {host} which was accepted.

Noted, thanks Larry. Hopefully they can also include {diskname} and more usefull ones.