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Notification for excessive Full Garbage Collections in a JVM


One of our applications that Dynatrace monitors recently had 172 Full GCs in a one hour period.

256 garbage collections were performed in a one hour period and 172 of those (67.1875%) were Full GCs.


While our organization does not subscribe to Dynatrace's log monitoring, you can see from the verbose garbage collection log that indeed, 172 of 256 GCs in a one hour window were Full GCs.

172 of 256 garbage collections in a one hour period were FULL GCs.172 of 256 garbage collections in a one hour period were FULL GCs.


It's disappointing that Dynatrace doesn't have a ready-made alert for excessive Full GCs. I am less concerned that there are x GCs in a certain period than I am that there are y GCs in that same period.

This seems to be a perfect use case for Dynatrace monitoring a JVM and to require the log monitoring solution on top doesn't fit our current needs.


Please find a way to help monitor Oracle's Java 8 Hotspot JVMs for excessive Full GCs in a future OneAgent.

Thank you!



Hi Steve

Dynatrace has an anomaly detection setting (Extension events) for 'High GC time'. I think this is what you should monitor.
To see full GCs, maybe you can use a java method sensor? You also can try jmx measures. Maybe you find some hints here:



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