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Performance thresholds doubts


Hi Team,

I'm learning the synthetic monitor performance thresholds part. And I'm facing one problem regarding it. It's this:




If I set the threshold as "total duration of all event" when I create one synthetic monitor, when the problem will generate? 3 failures of 5 execution or the issue occurred at once?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


A problem will be generated according to a sliding window of 5 measurements, when 3 of them are breached.
I'll give several examples below (hope I get them right 😂). The threshold for these examples is 60 seconds, and assumes no measurements before t0, or all of them below 60 seconds:

  • Generated at t2
    t0: 65 seconds
    t1: 66 seconds
    t2: 61 seconds
  • Generated at t4
    t0: 55 seconds
    t1: 61 seconds
    t2: 70 seconds
    t3: 55 seconds
    t4: 65 seconds
  • Generated at t6
    t0: 62 seconds
    t1: 55 seconds
    t2: 70 seconds
    t3: 55 seconds
    t4: 58 seconds
    t5: 63 seconds
    t6: 65 seconds
  • Generated at t9
    t0: 61 seconds
    t1: 61 seconds
    t2: 55 seconds
    t3: 58 seconds
    t4: 59 seconds
    t5: 62 seconds
    t6: 61 seconds
    t7: 55 seconds
    t8: 56 seconds
    t9: 65 seconds

Please note that with the configuration you have, 10 seconds, there will be a problem almost immediately, as Dynatrace says that over the last 24 hours the average was 54.31 seconds. I do understand though that 10 seconds is the default value, and you haven't changed it yet 😉

Antonio Sousa

Thank you so much for your answer and detailed description. You're right. The 10s in the 2nd image I pasted is the default value. 

Actually, I just confuse the description of the document in red square and orange line part. I just want to know if any one time execution violate the threshold I configured. Does it generate the problem immediately or will generate after 3 violate executions of 5?




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