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Problem Notifications(ITSM Integration) MultiStage Process


We have customers whose ITSM tool has a multi stage process to create a ticket.

Dynatrace only has one place to create a webhook URL with Authentication Parameters as headers.

Our client has 2 processed whereby there is a first method call to retrieve a unique identifier.

Second stage is then using the unique identifier to create a ticket or perform an update or any operation

Challenge is that this Unique ID expires every hour.

Is it possible to create a Synthetic Monitor that runs every hour to retrieve the ID and store this value in some credential vault and then the POST request uses the stored variable for every incident creation.

Let me know if anyone has insights on how to achieve this and provide implementation details of how the HTTP Monitor will be built.

Is it possible also to achieve this with WorkFlows? Please also provide details.

Dynatrace Certified Associate

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


These would be my options:

  1. Explore workflows.
  2. Explore custom extension in an ActiveGate and develop a Python script with your logic:
    1. Get request to Problems API for getting problems.
    2. Get and store ID.
    3. Send POST request to ITSM system.
  3. Explore Synthetics.
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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


We've done a successful integration similar to what you mention, but it to be done with a custom extension. Using workflows as @AntonPineiro is also a valid route to solving your issue.

Antonio Sousa

Thanks @AntonioSousa @AntonPineiro for the insights

My team is currrently exploring Workflows whereby we are trying to create one Workflow that runs scheduled every hour to update the SID Variable since it expires every hour.

Second Workflow is then triggered by DAVIS Problem events and calls the method to create a ticket using the SID Variable updated by the first Workflow as part of its arguments.

We are trying to build he Javascript logic for this 2 Workflows so any expert insights on a generic skeleton Code we can build upon will be highly appreciated.

Also @AntonioSousa share any more detail on the Activegate Extension so that my team can discuss on best approach.

Between Workflows and Extensions which approach best can achieve desired result.

Dynatrace Certified Associate


We went the extensions way, because it was started one year and a half ago, so we didn't have workflows at the time... I would definitely recommend Workflows at this stage.

The extension we have polls for problems each minute, and does a bunch of stuff every time a new problem appears, is modified, or closed.

Antonio Sousa

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