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Problem retention




I have several problems raised as open for some reason they change to resolved automatically in different periods of time, the longest active was 7 days. Open problems are available space on the vmware datastores.


When the problems are resolved, the following legend appears as the root cause:

"Based on our dependency analysis, all incidents are part of the same overall problem".


The problems should not change from state to resolved unless the problem is fixed which has not happened in this case.


Is there any way that the problem stays open?


How long is an open problem kept?





Hi Mauricio,


Probably the problems alerts are considered to be frequent issues to reduce such alert noise and avoid alert spamming, the Dynatrace AI causation engine automatically detects regularly occurring issues that originate from sub-optimal, though acceptable, conditions. Dynatrace detects such frequent issues by reviewing the problem patterns of monitored entities within specified observation periods of one day and one week.


For more details:

Hi Brennorb, 


I appreciate your quick reply.


The frequent issues I deactivate them.


Is there another reason why they are changing state?


Is there a definite time for a problem to remain open?


I would appreciate if you can share those times with me.