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Question about Problem "MERGED"

Hi All,

I have a question about Problem Merged.

Sometimes, Dynatrace merges problem with another one.

What conditions does this occur?

Can I know if the problem has been merged on the screen?

Best Regards,

Masahiko Enda



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dynatrace Davis AI merges problems if it finds two problems sharing the same root-cause. Most merges happen before a problem is even raised, so you do not really see them. In some cases a merge happens after a problem was already opened, then two problems are merged. We do handle that transparently, so within the Web UI you get one merged problem as a result. Both problem links will lead to the same merged problem. Problem notification sends out a MERGED state instead of a OPEN or RESOLVED state.

Is there any official documentation on this? I've seen situations where it seems some times a root cause will be provided for things such as a problem being shutdown then sometimes you shutdown the same process on a different host and you don't get a root cause.


I've bene trying to reproduce the situation where merging occurs but can't seem to find a definitive process to do that. We are looking to enable the 'Call webhook if new events merge into existing problems' feature but I want to understand what things look like before so I know the difference for when we enable it.

Have you had any updates on this matter? I have exactly the same questions!

Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Hi wolfgang,


We need to know how David works in order to merge problems. We have several scenarios that we don't understand:


1.- "multiple infraestructure problem" in which there are events that don't relation among them.

2.- Several problems with the same events that are not merged.


Can you tell us detail about how this feature works?