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Receive the wrong Dynatrace email notification


Hi All, I'm struggling with one problem- The alert I received is not the expected alert I configured.

We have 6 synthetic monitors and we configured  3 consecutive failures alert for each synthetic monitor. So, my understanding is when our any synthetic monitor executed 3 times continuously at least in one same location, then it will trigger the 3 Times unavailable alert.  

However, I'm not able to see any failures but I can receive the alert in the same time duration.

Below are all our synthetic monitors and I configured 3 consecutive failures alert for each one.




This is the alert setting pages: https://{environmentid}







This is the alert I received:(from the screenshot seeing, it seems that due to 3 times unavailable).


Problem link:https://{environmentid};pid=6754767793071278583_17167830...

However, I'm not able to see the detailed error from the problem link:




Could anyone to share some details or the reason of this problem, please? Thank you.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

It seems, that your posted problem is multiple application one, where more problems joined into one. Problem with your synthetic monitor is probably not availability, but performance one.



I can see some issue with missing html element.

Alanata a.s.

Yes, we have different synthetic monitor from different team, but they are all for one same application. So, I just have some doubts that the received notification  was not triggered by the failure of our synthetic monitor, but the alert profile seems belong to ours.

Alert profile can detect such multiple entity problems, depends on used conditions. In this case it seems that Performance problem with synthetic monitor joined such multiple entity problem because of shared response time degradation. You can look for details in synthetic screens for selected problem timeframe, you only need to check Performance, not in Availability data.

Alanata a.s.

Thank you for your reply.  I'm able to see this problem related to 3 entities. some of the entities failed due to performance issue, some of the entities failed due to availability issue. 

However, the problem from our monitor is performance issue, but it triggered the availability alert. This is my confusion point.

The configuration of our alert are all correct. I'm not sure why it occurred.

Not sure if your problem is Availability one, i can see only response time degradation events in screen you posted.

Alanata a.s.

In the synthetic monitor outage handling, may I know the configuration is only for the 3 consecutive availability violation? Or both for the availability and performance violation?



This config screen is only for availability issues.

Alanata a.s.

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