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Removal of Resolved Alerts


We have a couple application teams that would like to send alerts via pager, but NOT get the resolved alert sent to pager only to email. Is there a way to configure this scenario in Dynatrace or would this be on the pager software side?


Example: Host A is running at 90% CPU which breaches the custom event threshold that was placed as part of Alerting Profile X. The alert triggers a page to the application team. During the next polling, Dynatrace has discovered that Host A's CPU has dropped down to 75% which resolved the previous issue. Instead of sending a resolved to the pager, they want an email to be sent to the team.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Krystal,

AFAIK no way to do this under Dynatrace notifications itself.
You can handle when it is open/closed through the pager software itself (which I feel is the best scenario)

Or you can have a software in the middle that receive the notification, and parse the data to only send it when it opens.

Let me know if that answers your question by marking it as answered please.


Oh! Why it is not operable in Dynatrace to switch off Resolve ....?




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