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Rotating Blue Light of UFO, what does it means?

Couldn't found this in the github page. So.... thought I better ask here.


Upper ring of UFO got blue light rotating clockwise, bottom ring of UFO got blue light rotating anti-clockwise


It APPEARS TO BE not able to connect to Wifi. (But I am not quite sure, nothing written in the documentation of the Github page)



Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Blue flashing means it is in ad hoc mode - you can connect to the UFO directly to configure it (connect to the UFO wlan and open

Also, if you are trying to connect to a SaaS tenant, try using just the environment ID when configuring the device


@Wai Keat C. I spent months getting the UFO's to work here at our organization, I have made a PDF document on how to get it to connect. The two blue rings rotating states that the system is connected to a WIFI signal but is "searching" for a Dynatrace tenant/environment to access. At that point you will need to ensure you have a Token created for the host as well as a public activegate within the DMZ. I have added the PDF on how to set up the UFO. Please let me know if you need any other assistance!

UFO Setup .pdf

Lets try that PDF Again

UFO Setup .pdf

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