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Service Alarm During Maintenance Windows


Hello. I'm just a new dynatrace learner and i've a question.

If i take a host in a maintenance windows, does that host create alarms? i guess not. But i wonder if a service in that host creates an alarm or not? 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @kasirgadev 

It all depends on how you configure Maintenace Window.
You have 3 modes:

  • Detect problems and alert: Dynatrace automatically detects and reports all problems as usual and displays a maintenance window icon on each problem that is detected during the maintenance window.
  • Detect problems but don't alert: Dynatrace detects problems but does not send out alerts for them. Each problem is listed on the Problems page with a maintenance window icon.
  • Disable problem detection: Dynatrace does not detect problems or send out alerts for them. Problems that occur during scheduled maintenance windows are not included on the Problems page and no alerts are sent out.


Have a nice day!

Hello ,

Actually, we are wondering about this here. We selected the alarm generation option and added a new rule. However, we only added host to the definition in the rule.

Rule Create an alarm for service alarms on this host? Or does the rule affect alarms in all entities to which the host is connected?

We only added the host, do we also need to add service entities to the rule? Or does it not create those alarms by saying it is on this host in the service?

Best Regards

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