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Status of an configured events/monitoring/alert


Hi everyone,


A question for unbeliever 🙂 Is it possible to have a status of a monitoring.

An example :

1) I active the process group availability monitoring

2) I receive event/problems related to this process group : perfect

3) My boss ask me if all is alright : I can check the problem status saying it's ok, because I know that I have configured an alert AND there is no problem


But can I provide a dashboard with either :

  • Process group XXXX is up/green

I think to use :

  • Process count (I can use process count metric for this one + green/orange/red code)
  • Monitoring is OK outside of portal (using the API to check the configuration

Any other information saying : it's OK, process is there

Thanks for help !



Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate


Yes, your approach to this problem is accurate. 

Laying out the strategy for achieving this a little more clearly, within the "Data Explorer" there are metrics called "PGI availability %" or "PGI count" both of which should be pretty beneficial to you here. Being able to chart the availability percent or the count of the up/down state of the desired Process Group Availability monitoring you've enabled should give you a very good gauge of the health status of the Process Groups and their instances within your environment. Pinning metrics such as the two above to a dashboard will allow you to have a single view of the information that you're looking for.

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