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User/client feedback



Sometimes users leave feedback about their experience using a service by sending a comment or filling a form. Is it possible to catch this type of data using Dynatrace ? For instance following his feedback he can tell us where he felt that the service was slow etc...

I hope that I was clear enough.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alban,

This really depends on how this feedback data is actually captured behind the scenes.

Request Attributes are generally the way to go and they can capture method arguments, URL query parameters, request/response headers or POST requests parameters. These are configured globally, from the Settings > Serverside service monitoring > Request Attributes page. More on how to set up here
Session Attributes are a new feature and might be of use here too. Session attributes work with the webpage itself, so they can extract global JS variables, meta tags, or value of any page element via CSS selectors. Session attributes will only collect one value which is reported at the end of the user session. These are configured on a per application basis from the Application Settings

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  • Alerting on request attribute-based metrics

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I think the upcoming feature of service metrics would be a perfect way of catching that type of feedback, as long as it is not only free text info. As long as the rating of the service slowness is some kind of number range (e.g.: one star versus 5 stars) you could generate a metric out of it.



Thanks for the comment !

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