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When the status of Problem in Dynatrace change from Open to Closed, in JIRA ticket it didn't get update

I know Dynatrace can only open JIRA ticket but not close it, but from what I read in documentation, it should've update the status of the problem whenever there is any changes right?

I can see that when the problem has died off(change from red tile to grey tile), nothing happen or no update from Dynatrace to that JIRA ticket.

Any idea what am I missing?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes that's right, by definition Dynatrace updates the ticket but it does not automatically close the JIRA ticket. If that's a critical requirement, please open an RFE within our RFE section.

Thanks Wolfgang,

My problem is Dynatrace doesn't update the ticket. Any other things I should check?


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