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user impact for unexpected low load

Hi all,

I'm curious and the documentation does not give any details. How is impacted users metric calculated for low traffic events/problems? We're extracting events thorugh the API and would like to know what affectedUserActions value really mean? How is this calculated?



Sorin Z


Hi Sorin,

The affectedUserActions value is the expected user action/min value at that given time as baselined by Dynatrace. So if the expected value for actions/min drops below the threshold set of X% of the expected value (default is 50% unless configured with a custom value), Dynatrace will display that expected value as the value for affectedUserActions. See screenshot below

Hope This Helps


It was obvious. I was so caught up in the API that I didn't think of what DT says in the GUI.

Thanks a lot!

Sorin Z

I have one more question on the same subject. What about "affected users"? How is this metric calculated for this types of problems? Does it look at what active sessions are on that application in that moment? How can there be active sessions, but low traffic?



Sorin Z