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Dynatrace AWS integration via terraform with all services/metrics included

We are trying to integrate Dynatrace with AWS cloud watch metrics via Terraform.

Our need is to add all AWS services with all available metrics via cloud watch rather than going with default metrics what Dynatrace offers.

We were able to add all services through our terraform module from the Dynatrace TFE provider template. However to add all the metrics/dimensions, we need some guidance on how to pull all these into our terraform or any example/template to add all the metrics?


current schema provided to add one metric into DT integration via terraform


Nested Schema for supporting_services_to_monitor.monitored_metrics


  • dimensions (List of String) a list of metric's dimensions names
  • name (String) the name of the metric of the supporting service
  • statistic (String) the statistic (aggregation) to be used for the metric. AVG_MIN_MAX value is 3 statistics at once: AVERAGE, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM
  • unknowns (String) Any attributes that aren't yet supported by this provider

Wanted to see option for adding all metrics , wildcard will be great



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