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Dynatrace Problem Webhook back to Dynatrace Event with ProblemDetailsJSONv2 not useable


Hi Dynatracers!  

We have a solution that executes actions based on specific conditions detected in Dynatrace using Dynatrace events.  To facilitate this I've setup a Dynatrace problem integration that loops back into Dynatrace via a webhook problem notification.   

Overall the structure works fine and is in general doing what I need, however I'm having some issues getting the JSON fields to travel through the the problem notification in a way that's acceptable to the Dynatrace V2 events ingest API (/api/v2/events/ingest).  

To be specific, in order for this to work I need to send the problem information through as an event 'property' - this works fine for the standard 'string' style fields available in the problem notification, but won't work for any of the complex elements such as ProblemDetailsJSONv2.  Even attempting to send a test notification results in an error (400 - Bad Request) - {"error":{"code":400,"message":"Could not map JSON at 'properties.probDeets' near line 19 column 18"}}

Worst case sending ProblemDetailsText works correctly, but using a JSON version would be much nicer when working with it on the other side.  

Any suggestions?  I'm thinking this is almost certainly a constraint from the v2 event/ingest api (can't take a JSON struct as a property) - looking for any workarounds/thoughts? 

Problem Notification Payload Definition: 

"eventType": "CUSTOM_INFO",
"title": "Run Action Request",
"properties": {
  "reqId": "00",
  "target": "{ImpactedEntity}",
  "retryOnFail": false,
  "dt.event.source": "ACTION_REQUEST",
  "ImpactedEntityNames": "{ImpactedEntityNames}",
  "ImpactedEntity": "{ImpactedEntity}",
  "ProblemID": "{ProblemID}",
  "ProblemDetails": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
  "source": "DynatraceNative",
  "probDeetsTXT": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
  "probDeets": {ProblemDetailsJSONv2}
"timeout": 1


All help greatly appreciated! 




I noticed that you are missing the double quote as below

  "probDeetsTXT": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
  "probDeets": "{ProblemDetailsJSONv2}"

I don't know if that should cause the problem or not, but this is the only field without ""




Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

Hi Islam, 

  Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately no luck (although it does give me a different error now 😎 ) - from memory the ProblemDetailsJSONv2 field is one of those that's meant to not be quoted as it expands to a JSON struct - could be wrong there though.  

Thanks anyway! 

I'm afraid that you will have to stay with ProblemDetailsText - otherwise it will probably be necessary to create some script, plugin, which will handle as an intermediary this communication.

Have a nice day!

Thanks Radek - I suspect you're right - was hoping there was some other magic available I didn't see, but suspect not.  Thanks anyway! 

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