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SySAid ITSM integration for Problem Notifications and ticket creation


We are and have been having a challenge to Integrate Dynatrace wth SySAID ITSM tool to generate Incidents and create tickets for Problems.

Challenge is after discussion with Sysaid Engineers is that SySAID requires 2 calls to first create a cookie variable then makes a second call to be used used for the Incident creation using the cookie variabl created by the first call.


Dynatrace normally creates only one web-hook call therefore in my thinking cannot make 2 separate calls to successfully do this. Also the vendor of the ITSM solution mentioned that it is not possible to provide a persistent variable to be used in only one call since it has an expiry.


  • Hve you had an experience with SYsaid Integration and how did you achieve this?
  • How best can we address this challenge and implement this Integration
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I am not sure if this is going to help, but I would try to use notifications via webhooks.

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Hi @AntonPineiro thanks for this but it doesnt address the matter. I am awar about webhooks.


The challenge is that Dynatrace makes one webhook call to create an Incident on an ITSM platform


SysAid requires 2 calls. One call is to generate a cookie variable to be used as an Authentication in a second call to create the Incident.

Dynatrace will not support multiple calls therefore this is the challenge.

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Oh ok, then, as @radek_jasinski is saying, it is not possible out-of-the-box in Dynatrace and you can raise a product idea about it.

As a workarround, you can try it with ActiveGate extensions. But you need to create your custom solution using Python for creating those calls.

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Thanks @AntonPineiro and @radek_jasinski for the Insights.


It seems for now this requires a custom development outside of Dynatrace to hand-shake the two Systems.

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DynaMight Guru

Hi @echwallah ,

I suspect what you can do is set up a Product Idea or write your own script that will send two webhooks to SySAid ITSM after receiving a WebHook from Dynatrace.
Natively Dynatrace does not support such an option.


Have a nice day!



We have done something similar to this in the past when integrating with Remedy through an API Gateway. In that scenario, we had to send a request for an oAuth token which expired after 2 hours. We got around this with a two-step synthetic HTTP monitor to execute the oAuth request, use a post-processing script to extract the token value and save it in the Credential Vault or update the notification (whichever you prefer). We scheduled this to run every hour, so that the token was always valid. The problem notification then used this stored token value to send the webhook call to the ITSM platform.


In the new SaaS environment, a workflow would be much more elegant.

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