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Dynatrace ServiceNow Integration


We are planning to integrate Dynatrace with ServiceNow ITSM module.

I just want to understand below features are feasible in the integration.


When the problem created in DT , Snow tickets will create automatically based on the integration but when there an update in the Dynatrace problem without changing the state, what will be the update from Snow side,

1. Will the update in the Dynatrace problem will create new ticket in Snow

2. Will the update in the DT problem will update the changes in the existing snow ticket.

From the documentation, the change in the state (open & Close) will update the snow ticket but want to understand that the update in the DT problem will update the Snow ticket.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would assume for service now since they have an out of the box integration it would update the tickets as problem open/close. if you are doing a custom webhook then you will et a new problem for open and close - then you can putting a rule to ignore any of the close, but it wont auto close - but keep in mind that is custom webhook. 


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I deal with this integration all the time, but note I was not responsible for setting it up. I'm fairly certain we did put in any special customizations here beyond a few alert processing rules.  As I understand it, Dynatrace events are sent to ServiceNow and processed into the event table.  ServiceNow then runs it's magic & any custom rules on all the events from all sources (if you use more than just DT) to produce alerts (which can be made up of more than one event) into the alert table.  Meanwhile, Dynatrace processes its events using it's AI/Davis and produces a problem ticket.  Therefore, there is rarely a case in our environment when it's a one to one correlation between Dynatrace Problem tickets and ServiceNow Alerts since there is in fact two AI's at work.  


So to answer your questions:

1 - No updates to problem tickets will not necessarily create new SNow alerts.  But new events sent might.

2 - If the event sends a close vs an open, then the event processed by SNow will add the close event to the alert it created.  If the event reopens and sends again within a short enough window, SNow will add the new event into the previous alert (aka SNow AI at work).


Hope this helps!!


I think it depends on the integration. with us, an update in dt immediately results in an update in the other systems (snow), not creating a new one. no idea if you use an external help (connector?). cuz we do. and any update in one of the systems can be found in the other.

btw, kudos for karen's answer. 

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