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Dynatrace / xMatters documentation I believe is outdated - Just a heads up

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

This is more of just an FYI on the Dynatrace / xMatters integration.

We went to setup a new team today and noticed in xMatters that the older integration has been decommissioned. The good news is, the old integration still seems to work, but xMatters will not let you create anything new through the old integration. I have reached out to xMatters to find out if and/or when the old integration will no longer function. You must use the new xMatters flow designer. 



It appears that xMatters does provide a method to convert which takes an old integration and turns it into the new method which is nice because you can then see exactly how to build a workflow out and ensure there is still bidirectional communication by using that as a blueprint. If you try to start with flow designer in xMatters, the default appears to only be one way which is Dynatrace to xMatters.


Also, it appears that the Dynatrace documentation here still shows how to set it up with the old integration that is now decommissioned as seen below.



Might be news to some and not others, but we were not aware of it and came across it by chance so I thought I would post this just in case anyone else runs into it. I believe this is xMatters just attempting to get people using more of their new features around incident, but honestly I think the old method was much easier. Just my 2 cents :not_sure_if:


You can find the documentation from xMatters on the new method here.

Again to make life better, you can take an old integration and covert it to the new workflow in xMatters which then shows you everything you need to use as a blueprint for more integrations.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Thanks for letting us know. Will work on the doc update.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

You're welcome @jaroslaw_orlows 👍

I did hear back from xMatters and they stated the following:

"No, your integrations will not stop working even though they are marked as deprecated. The older integrations were built using the Integration Builder (javascript code builder) and we have marked those as deprecated as we are now using the flow designer to create integrations. The flow designer is built upon the integration builder, therefore, these integrations will continue to function."


Which is good news. So at least there is no need for us to rush the migration within xMatters. 


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