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Integrate Dynatrace with Splunk


How do I integrate Dynatrace with Splunk? Please help with steps or Documentation or Tutorial link.

I have this link with heading Integrating dynatrace with Splunk. but it's not working.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

That video isn't playing for me either but I am sure that video is actually an old one back from when AppMon was called dynaTrace so it wouldn't apply to Dynatrace SaaS and Managed now.

I'm not aware of any Dynatrace -> Splunk integrations. If there is someway to use the API to transfer information to Splunk that is an option but for the most part the log analytics that is part of Dynatrace makes such an integration less valuable than it is with AppMon.


Thanks James. Integration with splunk is using REST interface ,Dynatrace can provide output of metrics as JSON.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

That video describes the integration between AppMon and Splunk using the Business Transactions Feed.

Here is a reference for Dynatrace SaaS/Managed Integration with Splunk -


Hello Azeez M. ,

Using REST API of dynatrace to fetch data is the best option here.

For this you will need to write you splunk modular input to poll data from Dynatrace REST API as mentioned in the below link

Framework for writing Splunk Modular input is available in Github :

All the work is supposed to be done from Splunk side to poll the data from dynatrace.

You should also ask what data you expect from this integration because Dynatrace REST API also provides limited data


Himanshu Mor


Hi Himanshu/Azeez,

There is the Dynatrace
Add-On for Splunk
and the Dynatrace
App for Splunk
that is available now. This should help getting Dynatrace data to Splunk. Hope this helps.



Thanks @Ugochukwu N. and it definitely helps! Also wanted to know if this app is supported by Splunk support or dynatrace support?


hey, azeez. i do agree with the answer of himanshu_mor. however, i would probably go the easiest possible way and use an extra help of a connector. this will spare me from troubling my mind with configuration issues and will save me time. that's how i prefer things done - easy, fast, and clean. for this, i can recommend a tool that i use a lot - it's called zigiops. next time, you may take a look at it and its capabilities.

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