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OpenKit SaaS Integration



I have created an application (Digital Touchpoint Monitoring) and compiled the OpenKit dll's without issue. From there I have literally taken the SimpleSample from GitHub, compiled a console application and added my BeaconURL and ApplicationID.

When I run the application I receive 6 timesyncs as per documentation, however below is what I am receiving with reference to an invalid timesync. I have replaced the beacon and client details as below.

2018-03-09T15:49:40.5647130Z [DEBUG] BeaconCacheEviction thread started.

2018-03-09T15:49:40.5803132Z [DEBUG] HTTP Status Request:

2018-03-09T15:49:42.3159358Z [DEBUG] HTTP Response: type=m&id=3&bl=150

2018-03-09T15:49:42.3159358Z [DEBUG] HTTP Response Code: 200

2018-03-09T15:49:42.3315360Z [DEBUG] HTTP TimeSync Request:

2018-03-09T15:49:43.3307516Z [DEBUG] HTTP Response: type=mts&t1=1520610583143&t2=1520610583143

2018-03-09T15:49:43.3307516Z [DEBUG] HTTP Response Code: 200

2018-03-09T15:49:43.3307516Z [WARN ] The HTTPResponse "type=mts&t1=1520610583143&t2=1520610583143" is not a valid time sync response

This initially looks like an issue to me, however I receive a 200 response code and I have wrapped a condition around the IsInitialized and that returns true, however I am not seeing any data (Beacons) within DynaTrace SaaS.

I initially thought this could be a firewall issue but I have put the machine on open wifi and I receive the same results.

Any ideas/feedback would be very much appreciated.


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast


thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, you encountered a bug in the OpenKit .NET client, that has been fixed already. The appropriate pull request has been merged into the OpenKit .NET primary branch on Friday, March 9th at 07:29 UTC.

However, we do not recommend building OpenKit .NET from the latest primary commit, unless really required, since primary is an active development branch. We suggest downloading a pre-built binary from the releases

Best regards,



HI Stefan

Thanks for the update and confirmation that I downloaded the latest compiled dll and this is now working.



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