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Issue with MS Team webhook integration with DT


We are implementing Dynatrace  in all our hosted application servers. Here, we are configuring the Dynatrace with MS Teams webhook configuration for sending the alerts.

On MS Teams side, we configured the webhook url as shown below in the screenshot. On the Dynatrace front, we tried to configure this MS team webhook configuration. When we perform ‘Send Test Notification’, we get this error message. We checked this error with the Dynatrace team, they are claiming it could be a firewall issue. Attaching that mail for your reference.

Could you please let me know if we miss any important configuration here? Appreciate your help.

Custom Integration test failed

Reason: Invalid HTTP status code
HTTP Response Code: 400 - Bad Request
HTTP Response Body:
Summary or Text is required.



Webhook url - <EDITED>


Pls refer the attached screenshot


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I had to edit your post, as it revealed your Teams link, and as such might have been used by others.

Also took out the screenshots, as they also revealed too much information...

Good part is that the link seemed OK. It it's giving a 400, please double check that there are no limitations for invoking  it, given the Organization referenced.

If you can't manage to get it working, please put a ticket into Support, they will probably help you better on this one.

Antonio Sousa



"Summary" or "text" variable has to be present in the payload.

Example payload:



You should be OK after that.


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