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Notify Users of Successful Synthetic Execution


I have a number of customers that are looking for similar functionality and I haven't found a simple way to achieve this. Any ideas?


Customer wants a synthetic report in the morning or every frequency that says something like "Synthetic test ran at 9:00am and was successful". Or even an email for every successful synthetic test.


Use case for us - extensive browser monitors set up to run from 6am to 7am every morning. Customers want notification that says it ran and it worked, instead of relying on alert if it fails (they don't have 100% confidence that it is running or ran). These include management level employees who cant be bothered to login to the tool and instead expect an email in their inbox.


Thanks for any help on this!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I believe this is a very specific request, and it can only be done in my opinion through the use of the APIs. You might want to submit a product idea, though.

Antonio Sousa

I cant seem to find browser monitor execution metrics in the APIs. I see only http monitors which is in "early adopter". Doesn't seem like there is a way currently.


I found the correct API call. I will accept your reply as solution and submit RFE.



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