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Render Dynatrace dashboard in web application


Is there any way to render or integrate a Dynatrace dashboard in web application?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can't embed dynatrace Dashboards as an iframe in other applications directly, for security reasons.

You can of course get the information and data you use in the dashboard and render it yourself.


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Yes, I understand about not embedding it as an iframe. I was just curious to know if Dynatrace provides a way to render it's dashboard components  and data in web applications using maybe React.js, Angular etc. Because I didn't find anything in the documentation related to that.

And yes, I will have to make use of API to get data and render it 😞


Thanks for the quick response 🙂 

If you already use grafana, there is a dynatrace datasource in the enterprise version of grafana or you may have a look at:

See also:

To have the graphs on a website, you have to use the grafana renderer too.

You can also embed a grafana graph as iFrame into a webpage, see:

You then also have to set 'allow_embedding = true' in the grafana configuration. I had quite some problems with the grafana renderer and it is rather slow, so iFrame is a good option here and you get interactive graphs not just an image.

@namangupta you can also use server side rendering services such as to render your dashboards to a png image and embed it in your page. Not a perfect solution, but it can be easily deployed.

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