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Service Now integration 360°

Currently setting up the available integrations from Dynatrace and SNOW to connect the 2 platforms.
My understanding is that:


  • if I want to have SNOW CMDB enriched with CI from Dynatrace I go and configure the service graph connector (developed by SNOW).
  • if I want incident to be created on SNOW (from DT problems) I go with the other integration installing the ITSM app developed by Dynatrace on SNOW store.


All considered the two integration are independent: the next step is to have the CI integrated in SNOW visually impacted when SNOW receive a problem from Dynatrace. Here I'm not clear if this depends all by the service graph connector or by having both integration active.
I'm actively scraping the documentation also on SNOW side but it is unclear if incident matching a CI is something related to both integration or just one of the two

@nandini_balakri I saw you posted a lot in regards to both integration; are you able to shed some light?



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