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ServiceNow CMDB / ITOM and Dynatrace Populate CMDB by REST API


We have done the configuration of the plugin (integration between ServiceNow CMDB / ITOM and Dynatrace), already occurring incidents generated by alerts registered in Dynatrace.
We are not able to perform the populate of the CMDB with the configuration elements discovered by Dynatrace, we can not link the Hosts, Applications and Services via REST
Is there any document or guide where you detail how the configuration is done from both sides SNOW and Dynatrace, is it possible what we are trying to do?

Thank you for your help.



Yesterday at the webinar Wolfgang Beer mentioned it but I was not specifically talking about what the procedure was like

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Sure there is a help page that describes the setup. You find the information here:

Wolfgang, I chased the link. But reading through it, it appears to use a token for hook-up from the SaaS Dynatrace. Is there similar information to connect a Dynatrace Managed to a ServiceNow SaaS? That is our situation.

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