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ServiceNow and Dynatrace - automate alert creation


we have incident alerts created. we want to automate this process. whenever an incident is created automatically it has to create a ticket through Service now. how to perform this ? it would be great if someone can give the step by step /screenshot.




Dynatrace has this documented, so I'll put the link below to the step by step instructions, with screenshots:

thanks Rocky for the prompt reply. really appreciated.

Good morning Steve_Ortega.

I was wondering if you could please give me a hand with the integration with ServiceNow.
Currently we need to do that integration. But it is not very clear to me what are the steps I need to do.
The administrator of the ServiceNow tool tells me that it is necessary to install the Dynatrace Plugin.

Additionally, in the documentation I do not see clearly which is the configuration that must be done so that the incidents are created automatically.
We do not want all the alerts generated by dynatrace to be Incidents in Snow.
We have a policy that each alert generated in dynatrace to become an incident must be greater than or equal to 10 minutes.
Disconnections should generate an incident immediately.
Hat any way to make these configurations in the integration with Snow ?


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Hello ramakrishnan_p-
I hope you are feeling well.

I was looking at your query and wanted to ask if you were able to perform the integration.
I am trying to start with the integration, but I have some doubts.
I don't know if maybe you can help me.

@Ccastrillon hi. did you manage to set up the integration?

Hi @diana-liev,


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