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[ServiceNow integration]How to change the "State" field of ServiceNow incident dashboard



This question is about ServiceNow problem notification.
Do you have any feature to change the "State" field of ServiceNow incident dashboard?

There are 2 Dynatrace notifications, problem open and resolved, but resolved message do not change incident state closed so we have to close incident manually.

Best Regards,
Natsumi Tanaka


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Natsumi,

By ITIL definition an automated incident creation should now close an incident. Therefore, we do not automatically close the ServiceNow incident. But there is a very simple modification to achieve that by simply change the problem to incident transformation map in ServiceNow, to set the 'Close' state instead of the resolved one.

Best greetings,


Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for your answer.
I think the following screenshot seems to be ServiceNow Table Transform Map you mentioned.
If it is true, then I confirmed the state field is defined by a script.

In order to add automation close feature, do we need to add condition "if (source.problem_state == "RESOLVED")?

Yes that's exactly the place to change the state.

Thank you for your answer.

I have a question about this script behavior.

According to the script, If source.problem_state is "OPEN", then it returns 1 as the incident state.
If source.problem_state is not "OPEN" and 'x_dynat_ruxit.autoresolveproblems' is 'true', then it returns 6 as the incident state.

I confirmed the "source.problem_state", and found there are 2 problem records for the same Dynatrace problem in the table "x_dynat_ruxit_problems" like this.
I wonder how the script works when there are multiple records for one problem.

Best Regards,
Natsumi Tanaka

Also wondering the same. Currently in our implementation, if a Dynatrace problem gets created and then resolved, it will mark the incident in Service Now as resolved, but if/when the same problem comes back up and resolves again the incident stays open and doesn't go into a closed/resolved state.

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