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Some problems are sent from Dynatrace but don't get logged in ServiceNow



We have a weird issue with our integration. Some of the Dynatrace events are either not being received by ServiceNow or we receive the Resolved(Closed) events before receiving the Open event. This is causing some incidents to be logged and never closed. Causing more work for our teams. 

This seems to be a random issue but it is happening daily. 

Is there a way to check that an event was actually sent from Dynatrace and try to track it to make sure it is being received by ServiceNow?

What could be causing this random issue?

Any help would be appreciated. 


Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

Hello Clinton:  I would offer a few suggestions:

1.  There is an OOTB dashboard called Davis Health Self-Monitoring.  This will give you some insights as to how Notifications are performing, failed notifications, etc. and allow you to "track" at some level what is happening with notifications.
2.  You have to check the ServiceNow logs as well.  If there does not appear to be failed notifications, that means payloads are arriving and not being processed, there is no way Dynatrace will know why.
3.  Pick a DT problem where you have seen anomalous behavior and open a ticket with DT support.

Lastly, what I will say is that we've seen ServiceNow reach a rate limit of sorts where the ServiceNow instance is really busy and therefore API calls are rejected because there is overflow happening in their instance.  Another item for your ServiceNow team.

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