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Third-party links into Dynatrace


We're trying to build an integration to Dynatrace from our event management "MoM" and from our ITSM/ITOM tool. We'd like to be able link to the impacted entities versus a ProblemID, in order to give better visibility to the status of the thing.


We have correlation_id, but this could be a HOST, SERVICE, or countless other things. Is there a method that can be leveraged where a URL can be built, to generically reference that object, and Dynatrace will redirect to the proper page, or do we need to figure out all the different URIs and try to build a direct URL manually/ourselves?



Post a question to the internet, finally figure it out yourself. I should have posted days ago.

It looks like `#nav;meid=` may be sufficient to pass any kind of correlation_id, to have Dynatrace forward you to that specific device. Still testing, but so far it looks really good.

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