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Azure App Service Windows Site Extension automatic upgrade without internet



We are using the OA site extension for Windows App Services and we are facing the following challenge:

There are app services that have no direct connectivity to the interne. They are isolated in a subnet with the only external point being an Environment ActiveGate. In order to install the extension, we had to specifically allow external connectivity to internet through firewall rules and once installation completed we removed the rules.

In order to manually upgrade we still need internet connectivity, because when we try to update when there isn't one, the extension update not only fails but it first deletes itself, creating inconsistency in the App Service.

The idea is to find a way to automate the update procedure for the Site Extension (for the OA we use the Kudu REST API provided by the extension and by directing the upgrade call through the AG it works).

Is there a way to direct the Kudu REST API call that installs/updates the Site Extension through the AG?

Thank you,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@g_kat were you able to get a work around for this? I would suspect your could point to a local repository where the upgrade lives to do the update. We do something similar with aspects that do not have internet access.


Hi Chad,

Well, this issue lies inherently with the Extensions Gallery being hosted on, where it's not accessible to the App Services without internet access. It was simpler to enable connectivity for the short period of time needed to update the extension, than go through the hoops of setting up a local repo for the Azure Extensions(I'm not even sure how to direct the App Services to look there).


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

This should be possible but you wouldn't use an ActiveGate to pull the extension. You would need two things:

  1. private nuget registry with dynatrace site extension package

  2. In app service app settings provide link to your private registry using SCM_SITEEXTENSIONS_FEED_URL variable

Hi Ryan,

This sounds very promising, I will give it a try!!!

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