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Azure Log Analytics


I noticed there is a Dynatrace add-on within Azure Log Analytics for Managed, but not for SaaS. How do you integrate Azure Log Analytics into Dynatrace SaaS? This is for Azure App Service on Linux. Within the App Service/Monitoring/Diagnostics section, I added diagnostics and connected it to a blobstorage and to log analytics. I would like to use the rsyslog/API import function to get logs from Azure and import them into Dynatrace.

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace has just announced this feature for all Azure and AWS services. This will roll out in Q2 of this year


Hi @Chad T. Do you have any other information on this? We actually have a slightly different request. We are using Dynatrace for log monitoring and we previously had which had the capability to export our logs to cold storage like AWS S3 so that we could keep them for our 1 year data retention period. Is this possible?

hey @Michael P. - currently it is not possible in Dynatrace. We have this on mid term RoadMap - unfortunately this will not be delivered in next 6 months.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

@bill_scheuernst you can now forward logs from Azure to Dynatrace on SaaS, put them in context, do analytics and set metrics and alerts. Give it a try and let me know what is your feedback. Starting point is here:


WE have integrated this but the logs are are not connected to the Azure app service traces as in

Dynatrace unified log monitoring with its patented PurePath technology for distributed tracing and code-level analysis. Dynatrace is now able to automatically connect monitored logs with PurePath distributed traces. This provides a holistic view, advanced analytics, and #AI-powered answers for ...

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