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Azure Native Dynatrace Service - information

Is the "Azure Native Dynatrace Service" exposed in this documentation:


what is shown in this quick demo video?
Dynatrace for Azure - YouTube

Are there longer videos to see more on the solution?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Yes, those two refer to the same thing. I don't believe there's any other videos, or better resources for it than what you already linked, just the blog post (which has less information imo).

Hi Victor thank for confirmation - I was a little bit confuse at the beginning.

Do you know if after adopting such solution I'll still be able to integrate other kind of monitoring that are not on Azure? (Suppose that I want that kind of agreement but after a while I realize I also need to monitor something legacy in my datacenter)


You mean, monitor other assets outside of Azure in Dynatrace? Absolutely, Dynatrace aims to be a single pane of glass for all your monitoring needs after all 😄

With that same SAAS environment ID right?
(Sorry don't want to give anything for granted)

Yes, within the same SaaS environment ID, you can monitor all your Azure assets with this integration, or any other, and include all your local datacenters as well as any other providers (like AWS or GCP) if needed

(No problem, it's the right thing to make sure everything makes sense 😄 )

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