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Can't access Easytravel UI's - RHEL 7 VM on Azure (rules created for incoming traffic on ports 8079 and 8094)


Created a RHEL 7 VM on Azure, allowed for incoming traffic at 8079, 8094, installed OneAgent, successfully connected to our saas-tenant and installed EasyTravel for Linux. EasyTravel starts fine and shows up in Dynatrace - and is instrumented fine. So far so good 🙂

My problem is that I can't connect "externally" from using VM's external IP and port 8079 and 8094. On my VM I see that it listens on port 8079 and 8094.

Any advice?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Sounds like a firewall issue, either local (your machine), your LAN firewall/proxy not allowing the connection or some firewall config on Azure side that's not set up correctly. If the ports are open, and the external IP is indeed correct, you should be able to connect if all firewalls between you and the VM is in fact open.

Have you tested access via e.g. curl command on the easyTravel VM, locally? Does that connection work?

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