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Disabling auto injection in alpine docker image deployed in AWS fargate



I've setup the oneagent in the docker alpine container hosted in AWS fargate using build time approach:

Seems everything works fine.

The question I have is if it is possible to disable auto injection by default (during build time) and then enable it on demand in Dynatrace UI?

My goal is to always install and run oneagent in containers but with disabled auto injection - so it will not consume host units. Then the auto injection would be enabled on demand via Dynatrace UI.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@AdamC you reference a few different things. 

1 - You want auto inject to be disabled.

2 - You want to stop the consumption of Host Units. 

#2 is not achievable if you are actively monitoring the entity, injection or no injection. If the OneAgent Service is running and monitoring is enabled, you will incur licensing consumption. 

#1 is achievable if you want to stop RUM Injections (Basically full stack) To do this you will need to set in your install config that the hosts are set for infrastructure only monitoring. This will still consume Host units but capped at a maximum rate of 1 Host Unit per entity. You can then enable full stack as needed on a case by case basis which will then enable the auto injection. There is another method where you deploy Full stack but disable the injection, which wont help you on the Host Unit consumption as you will consume at a full stack rate even tho injection is disabled. 


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