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Does Dynatrace Managed/SaaS supports .Net package file based Azure Function ?


Hi fellow dynatrace users,

I'm having some difficulties to monitor one of our Azure Functions. OneAgent has been installed and configuration is set up to match required parameters.

We're using eventhub triggers and web triggers so that should be supported by OneAgent, however we fail to get a purepath from the agent. Only IIS process is shown in Dynatrace when "always on" option is checked for the Azure Function.

We tried to configure "Custom Service" entry point, but, again, we fail to find the library for our Class & method with the search box, and the manual entry point doesn't catch what we're looking for.

I found out that these Azure Function are actually using a .Net Core DLL package file, and that's the only difference between this one and the others.

Do you know of or have yourself experienced issues with this kind of Azure Functions ?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dynatrace has announced that they will be fully supporting all Azure/Cloud components. This was announced at Perform 2020, IF its not out now, I would assume it will be released in the upcoming months.


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