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Dynatrace vs Google Cloud Monitoring?


Is there any documentation that clearly explains why a customer would choose to deploy Dynatrace on GCP rather than making use of native Google Cloud Monitoring? I.e., what are the limitations or difficulties in using Google Cloud Monitoring that would justify deploying Dynatrace? I'm aware of the main selling points of Dynatrace, such as AI drivel anomaly detection, service auto-discover,  access to PurePath data etc., but it is not clear to me whether these capabilities address major "gaps" in what would be provided by Google Cloud Monitoring.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi Jeff,


You've mentioned the key things yourself. Google doesn't do application monitoring automatically, doesn't create a runtime dynamic topology/dependency map that is used for root cause analysis, doesn't build dynamic baselines, doesn't collect Real User Experience, etc.


With Google Cloud you'll mostly have to spend a lot of manual labor to try and get a small percentage of what Dynatrace would give you OOTB.

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